Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"some characters might want to do this."

Among a hosts of topics in a recent post over at Grognardia ( a poster claimed there was little or no support for the "supposed" D&D end game of stronghold/barony building that there was little more than "some characters might want to do this." I say this claim is bogus and ill-informed. Here are where the rules and guidelines for one wantign to brign the "end game" into play may be found-

on page 6 of Men&Magic "Top-level fighters (Lords and above) who build castles are considered "Barons", and as such they may invest in their holdings in order to increase their income (see the INVESTMENTS section of Volume III). Base income for a Baron is a tax rate of 10 Gold Pieces/inhabitant of the barony/game year. "

Already more then "some characters may want to do this" on the first mention of strongholds and baronies.

on page 7 of Men& Magic "When Clerics reach the top level (Patriarch) they may opt to build
their own stronghold, and when doing so receive help from "above". Thus, if they spend 100,000 Gold Pieces in castle construction, they may build a fortress of double that cost. Finally, "faithful" men will come to such a castle, being fanatically loyal, and they will serve at no cost. There will be from 10-60 heavy cavalry, 10-60 horsed crossbowmen ("Turcopole"-type), and 30-180 heavy foot.
Note that Clerics of 7th level and greater are either "Law" or "Chaos", and
there is a sharp distinction between them. If a Patriarch receiving the above benefits changes sides, all the benefits will immediately be removed!
Clerics with castles of their own will have control of a territory similar to the "Barony" of fighters, and they will receive "tithes" equal to 20 Gold Pieces/ Inhabitant/year.

Again far more than "some characters may want to do this"

Pages 12 and 13 of Men & Magic cover recruiting NPCS to a PCs employ and NPC loyalty. I consider such territory essential as I'm pretty sure a stronghold/barony is going to have a few NPCs on it.

Pages 20 & 23 of Wilderness and Underworld Adventures
gives a "draw it yourself" castle design method and costs for typical features/constructions. It covers a whole lot with a paragraph and a page of illustrations and list of expenses.

Pages 20 & 23 of Wilderness and Underworld Adventures
cover specialists and the monthly wages they are to be paid when in the employ of a PC. The functions of these Specialists are clearly in support of a stronghold/barony. What good is an armorer in a dungeon? An animal Trainer? An essential role of these specialists is to support a lords holdings.
Men-at-arms are listed and these fellows are far more use marching on another Lords Barony then they would be in a dungeon. What role would Heavy Horsemen play inside a dungeon?
Costs for all these NPCs are given as "Monthly Costs" and surely these months are not meant to be taken up in a dungeon where such types would be fodder at best for the teeth and claws of the dungeon denizens.

Pages 24 of Wilderness and Underworld Adventures
We are given a the guidelines for Character support and upkeep and are informed A PC must pay 1% of EXP a month in support and upkeep until such a time as they build a stronghold. Again more about strongholds than "some characters may want to do this"

Within the section discussing Baronies we learn what the requirement for claiming an area as a Barony is, the population a Barony may support, the revenues a barony may generate and possible investments a baron may make to improve a barony. These improvements are indeed a simple list and construction times are already given for buildings and the costs for some specialists are given.

All told there are more then 1200 words in the original D&D rules (a work of about 41,000 words) that cover rules and guidelines that cover the stronghold/barony building "end game" of D&D. Decidedly more than "some characters might want to do this."

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