Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Dming last night for my regular weekly game and I got one of those, "gee you guys could pay a little more attention" moments.

The PCs are on a long ocean voyage and after a messy ambush by Sahuagin they had to land at a nearby port and let the capatian recruit soem fresh blood to replace the sailors lost to the Sahuagin raiders.

A bit of poking about and the PCs discover there is a small band of bandits harassing the farmers and ranchers of the islands uplands, 2,5000 gp for the female Leader of the bandits alive or 2,000 gp for her Dead.

after some quick and clever play the party locates the suspected hideout of the bandits in a ranch they may have taken over. The party sent in a scout under protection of invisibility, who discovered most of the farm family and hands trussed up (but still alive) in a smoke house.
On the porch of the meager ranchhouse a scrawny an shifty fellow greeted the PCs and invited them in for dinner where they discovered an woman cooking and preparing to serve the guests and an older man sitting at the table. Just before it was too late one of the party members spotted a couple figures moving in the rafters above them and the battle was on.

The bandits occupying the ranch house turned out to be lycanthropes a number of wererats a pair of werewolves and a weretiger. The fight was quick and furious. The weretiger grabbed the party MU and dargged him back up to the rafters to where she could deal with him. He luckily got off a disintegrate spell before the were tiger killed him; the rest of the party dealt with all but one of the wererats that escaped with some loot, they even managed to capture the female wererat that was pretending to serve them food.

To their horror when they got the wererat back to the governor of the island and it was discovered the wererat was not the leader of the bandit gang, the weretigress had been and alas no body no reward.

One of the players went "oh crud I knew it" havign noticed me mention "she" and "her" a few times describign the wer tigers actions but hadn't caught on enough to warn the other players. If the MU had paid a little more attention they might just have gotten their reward.

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