Friday, September 10, 2010

Able Pawed?

A little depth for Mutant Animals in Mutant Future and a snippet of something I'm working up for a future project.

Voice (roll 1d12)
1 Can't speak
2-3 Crudely Mimic Limited Speech (three word sentences)
4-6 Growling Speech (Difficult to understand don't plan on speaking to anyone more then 50' away)
7-10 Accented Speech (species identified by speech)
11-12 Mannish Speech (could pass on voice com with old man-tech). If mutant has bite attack decrease by 2 dice sizes.

Hands (roll 1d8)
1-2 Undeveloped Paws, no capable tool use. Improve natural weapons by 1 die size.
3-5 Simple Paws, drop things in hands on 1-4 on d20 roll. Attack with weapons at -2.
6-7 Able Paws, drop man-stuff in hands on 1-2 on d20 roll. Decrease natural weapons by 1 die size.
8 Human Hand, don't worry about dropping things you know how to use. Decrease natural weapons by 2 dice size.

Only check for dropping things in situations of danger, stress and combat. Use the to hit roll for weapons.
Able Pawed creatures can have weapons built for their species that don't require checking for dropping.

Stature (roll 1d12 or 1d8 if undeveloped paws)
1-3 Quadrupedal , Can't wear armor can buy tailored barding x 1.5 cost
4-6 Partially Bipedal Can't wear armor can buy tailored barding x 2 cost
Move 1/2 speed when standing upright with something in hand.
7-8 Bipedal, Can wear armor crafted for same sized on 1-3 in 6
9-11 Manimal, Can wear armor crafted for same sized on 1-5 in 6.
12 Humanoid , Can wear armor and gear crafted for humans on 1-5 in 6


  1. I used a similar, albiet simpler system for my old Gamma World campaign, which I pretty much yanked from TMNT & other strangeness.

    One fun wrinkle that showed up in play with crude speech was the Pokemon option, where the critter could only say their own name. Had a mutant cow named Meat. Fun character.