Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fair and Foul Fulminants.

Fulminants are specially prepared alchemical substances that will either detonate or rapidly fill an area with a cloud of gas. Fulminants are usually held in tightly sealed containers. Opening a Fulminant causes it to go immediately into effect on 1-3 in d6, otherwise i goes off next round. An alchemist or magic-user in the know can reseal the container on a 1-5 in 6 chance, others can do so if instructed to do so on a roll of 1-2 in 6.

Fulminants cost 5 times as much to manufacture as a potion would. While a fulminant is being manufactured the creator must make a save vs breath weapons or suffer the effects of the fulminant and ruin the creation.

There are two general classes of Fulminant- explosive and fuming

Explosive fulminants are sudden and will effect all targets within 20'.

Fuming fulminants will expand as a cloud effecting all within 10' on 2nd round, all with thin 20' during the 3rd and 4th round and dissipating harmlessly on the beginning of the 5th round. Effects that don't have permanent impact will end at the beginning of the 5th round.

Fulminants can and usually are thrown as grenade-like weapons taking effect as per the following chart. Members of all classes can use fulminants.

Fulminant Detonation Table (1d100)
1- immediately goes off in users hand. fuming fulminates count end of this round as round 2.
2-70 quickly. explosive fulminants detonate on impact. Fuming fulminants count beginning of next round as round 2.
71-90 delayed. Visible whisps of smoke and sputtering sparks.The fulminant takes effect at the beinning of the round 1d4 rounds later.
91-100 dud?. will fail to function unless disturbed in the next 3 rounds in which case there is a 1-2 chance in 6 it will immediately function otherwise it will never function. Kind DMs might allow alchemists and MUs to retrieve and use these later.

Some Sample Fulminants-
Light (fuming)- the area of the fulminant cloud is illuminated as is the area 30' around. Creatures that dislike light may be forced to make a morale save if within the cloud.

Sleep(fuming)- anyone within the cloud must save vs breath weapons each round or fall sleep. Once the cloud dissipates victim's will still be asleep but can be readily awakened by loud noises or being stirred. Those with more then 4 HD are +2 save vs this fulminant.

Knock(explosive)- acts as a knock spell vs all legitimate targets within the area of effect.

Feeblemind(fuming)-as per spell. Effect end quickly however (at the beginnign of the 5th round).

Phantasmal Force(fuming)- as spell.

Web(explosive)- a 20' radius is filled with sticky web that otherwise act as the Web spell for 20 minutes.


  1. I like the simplicity of it very much.
    --Very cool. :D

    5x seems a bit high, but that's just me. ;D

  2. Great concept! I'll have to work these into my games.

    I agree the 5x cost seems a bit high, though.

  3. x5 could be high but it does allow a wider range of spell ability access at range for any class.