Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Silly Player Tricks

Every now and then Players in RPG games try to trick or manipulate the system to their advantage with what I call "Silly Player Tricks", here is how one played out last game session:

In my current campaign every PC starts at 2nd level with a generous amount of cash (3d20x20 + 200 g.p.) and a chance to have even more with some background events, the only stipulation is the character must start play with less then 100 g.p. on hand, the rest must be spent. Not too hard to do really as I let players buy silver weapons, a couple of potions and some scrolls with those funds (this is at creation only, I have to explain this every now and then that every town doesn't have a potions and scroll shop).

So my Father an RPG player with over 30 years of experience (just like his son), created his new character to replace the one stoned last session. He couldn't figure out how to spend all the gp's to reach the less then 100 in cash threshold so he pulled a Silly Player Trick by cunningly buying a pound of gold. He sure tricked his DM. Sure he violated the spirit of the guidelines but not the letter of the guidelines so I let him get away with it.

Later on in the game session...

He discovered he hadn't bought any healing potions

or rations

Bwahahahahaha, I love Silly Player Tricks.

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