Monday, September 27, 2010

Fanboys [film]

The wife and I caught "Fanboys" on cable this weekend. It's stupid and pretty damned funny.
"Four childhood friends (now theoretically adults) make a pact on Halloween night in 1998 to infiltrate the Skywalker Ranch in hopes of catching a rough cut of the long-awaited "Star Wars" prequel, "The Phantom Menace.". It's a sophomoric road movie but there's a host in-jokes that are even funnier to fanboys and film buffs. There are some obvious and some sublime cameos in the film. (Yeah i used "sublime" blogging about a dumb-ass road comedy, try it yourself you might like it.)

it got a 33% on rotten tomatoes, I say "got to hell rotten tomatoes fanboy jerk wads with no sense of humor and ridiculous expectations".

Here's a trailer that actually gives away some stuff it shouldn't:

It's worth the time to view it and maybe even blog about it. It isn't great but it was fun I give it a B-

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  1. I just saw this recently, too. Very funny, indeed. Death to Spock Suckers! ;)