Monday, July 25, 2011

Atomic Zombie Apocalyspe Ruins and Remains 1b

A few types of buildings I missed or forgot in my last post.

This category includes elementary schools, highschool, private schools, colleges and universities. Schools will vary very much in size and resources. A school with dormitories will have a greater supply of goods on hand at the time the bomb fell but will also have greater demands. In some areas public schools will be used by the civil defense authorities in others they will be forgotten.
If the survivors come to blame science and forbidden knowledge for the fall of man many a school will be set to the torch by hostile mobs.

In times of woe many people will seek comfort in their faith and many churches are able and willing to help those in need but are only equipped to do so briefly. Becasue of their generally open and benevolent nature churches are often not very defensible structures and will have many entry points making them difficult to defend in the long run. Some churhces will be swamped by masses of the wounded and dying early on and turn the pews and facilities into a charnel house, others will remain staffed by a small staff or a single individual offering spiritual assistance to survivors. In some areas the church will remain the only stable social structure and will serve as the focal point for any local power group in maintaining or re-establishing order.

Power plants, water plants, the phone company all these places were vitaly important before the bombs fell, soem may yet again be important. Most of these structures will be abandoned and forgotten early as the power structure and staff to support them is absent. Civil Defense may keep them defended for a brief time until the functionality is demonstrated to be limited at best.
A few facilities may remain operational for a time with a dedicated staff that was present when the bombs fell that refuses to leave.

Government Offices
The vast burgeoning bureaucracy of federal, state and local government required many government offices to maintain cvil services and order. Some of these buildings will remain important hubs of civil defense for a time, others will have be swamped by survivors and atomic zombies early on. Some Government buildings have small bomb shelters present that will hold limited but precious supplies but how well stocked these are and who had access will vary wildly and presence of such a feature may compromise the safety and durability of the whole premise as desperate survivors, scavengers and raiders try to find safety and supplies.
As power groups flail against each other in the chaos following the bombs government building may become battle grounds as the factions bump heads and attempt to wrest control from each other.

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