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Ruins and Remains tables for the Atomic Zombie Apocalypse Part I

Part I
Survivors in the Atomic Zombie Apocalypse may find themselves scavenging among the remains of civilization. There are a vast array of building modern man has designed and used and the following is simply an overview of what one may find.

Single Family Residence
A common everyday house. The dwelling place for a single family which for the era is one married couple, 2.5 kids and a dog about 50% of the time.
Most residences of the era are nor designed for long term security and occupation without the services of modern stable society and will become abandoned as the residents needs for food and shelter can't be met within.
In some areas civil defense will attempt to marshal food and other goods held in private residences in others everyone will be on their own.
A small percent of homes will have bomb shelters of varying size, capacity and true functionality. Some will simply serve as tombs for their residents, others will be become deadly little battlegrounds between neighbors and even family, some will be prime targets for raiders and others will be forgotten or left empty by people that could reach then in time.
In areas of heavy fallout private residences offer little if any protection from the ravages of radiation.

A small to mid sized store generally specializing in limited service or range of products. A wide range of stores could iclude: Electrical Goods, T.V. Repair Shop, Shoe Repair, Cafe/Diner, furniture store, Donut Shop, Music Supply store, Shoe Store, Roller-Skating Ring, Bowling Alley, Variety Store, Drug Store, Catalog Store, Print Shop, Newsstand, Tobacco Shop, Clothing Store, Barber Shop, Jewelry Store, Hardware Store,Bakery, Butcher,Green Grocer, Cinema, bank. Shops will be poorly defended (if at all) aside from food stores and prone to fire, vandalism and looting. Limited shelter from radiation may be found in subbasements or windowless storage rooms.

Shop with apartment(s) over head.
A shop as above with 1 to 3 stories above it containing apartments. If the shops have any goods or services the residents of the building may benefit from they will be quick to secure or loot the place.

Shop with offices overhead
As shops above with 1 to 2 stories of offices above the shop. Such buildings are likely to be abandoned soon after the bombs drop.

A large multistory building with 6 to 21 stories. (3d6+3). A Skyscraper may be solely occupied by a hotel or large business but typically multiple businesses are present.
The first 1d4 stories are usually taken by shops, the next 1d6 will be taken by offices and the remainder will be apartments, either low rent or luxury. Ground floor shops will be quickly looted in a metropolitan area but smaller shops on higher floors may be ignored. Residents may loot or secure shops.
Rarely some skyscrapers have bomb-shelters large enough to fit most of the occupants of the building but only for a few days.
After a time upper floors will become difficult to live in as occupants can be trapped without means of escape, have no easy access to food or water; sometimes however an upper floor may be fortified by residents and used as a point to make a last stand.

Large buildings were bulk goods, raw materials and massive amounts of manufactured goods may be stores. Warehosues are likely to be defend initially but soon abandoned as chaos widens. Some will remain intact for years providing a fortune in goods to those that claim them. Some warehouses may be identified and secured by civil-defense authorities, such locations are more likely than not to become targets of large groups of raiders.

A factory will be a large single building or a rambling complex of adjacent buildings housing supplies, machinery, offices and even limited accommodations for staff (such as an infirmary, cafeteria and break rooms).

Gas Station
Where to go to get the car fueled up. In this era gas stations were often full service affairs and it wasn't unusual to find a gas station operating with a fully functional auto-mechanics shop. Gas stations could have a rack of magazines, a soda machine, a beer machine, a rack of candy and even cooler with ice-cream treats but really nothing like the convenience stores often found today. In remote regions a gas station may have a small apartment or two attached to make sure staff can be present at all hours.A gas station may have been be secured by local and or national forces. Isolated stations will be prone to looting.

the size and range of care available at hospitals will vary widely. Hospitals near bombing sites will be overrun quickly by the needy and soon afterward by hordes of Atomic Zombies. In remote areas they will either become part of coordinated local civil defense or be prone to looting.

Police Station
Police stations can be small 2 or 3 man affairs, staffed by a couple dozen or even hundreds depending on the area they serve. Police stations will attempt to aid local authorities in coordinating civil defense but with the destruction of the civilization as man knew it these limited facilities will hard pressed to remain operational. People may seek shelter and safety in larger police stations only to find themselves and the police officers within surrounded by a horde of the radioactive dead.

Fire Stations
While they provide vital aid in a functioning society these facilities have little to offer in the long term after the bombs are dropped besides often begin sturdy and with limited dormitory facilities. An active civil defense will make use of fire-stations but without ready access to resources the facilities will be quickly depleted.

The true hubs of the civil defense system. Many metropolitan areas will have multiple armories. The true extent and capability of such facilities will vary wildly and those in bombed areas will likely be hell holes of radiation with those further away being swamped by refugees, further away from bombing sites armories will be a focus of local and national authority and choice targets for large gangs of raiders.

Single Family Residences d600 (1d6 & d00)
100-102.... Intact, Abandoned
103-110.... Intact, Ransacked
111-115.... Intact, Residents home
116............ Intact, Ransacked, Residents Hiding in Attic
117-118....Intact, Residents Hiding in Attic
119-125....Intact, Residents Hiding in Basement
126-130....Intact, Ransacked,Residents Hiding in Basement
131-135....Intact, Residents Hiding in Bomb Shelter
136-140....Intact, Ransacked, Residents Hiding in Bomb Shelter
141-150....Mostly Intact, Abandoned
151-165....Mostly Intact, Ransacked, Abandoned
166-169....Mostly Intact, Residents home
170............Mostly Intact,Ransacked, Residents home
171-173....Mostly Intact, Residents Hiding in Attic
174-175....Mostly Intact, Ransacked,Residents Hiding in Attic
176-185 ....Mostly Intact, Residents Hiding in Basement
186-190....Mostly Intact, Ransacked,Residents Hiding in Basement
191-195....Mostly Intact, Residents Hiding in Bomb Shelter
196-200....Mostly Intact, Ransacked,Residents Hiding in Bomb Shelter
201-205....Makeshift Barricades on entry level, Abandoned
206-215....Makeshift Barricades on entry level,Residents home
216-220....Makeshift Barricades on entry level, Residents Hiding in Attic
221-247....Makeshift Barricades on entry level,Residents Hiding in Basement
248-250....Makeshift Barricades on entry level,Residents in Bomb Shelter
251-260....Open Barricade on entry level, Abandoned
261-270....Open Barricade on entry level, Ransacked, Abandoned
271-272....Open Barricade on entry level, Residents home
273-274....Open Barricade on entry level, Ransacked, Residents home
275-277....Open Barricade on entry level, Residents Hiding in Attic
278-280....Open Barricade on entry level, Ransacked, Residents Hiding in Attic
281-290....Open Barricade on entry level,Residents Hiding in Basement
291-294....Open Barricade on entry level,Ransacked, Residents Hiding in Basement
296-297....Open Barricade on entry level,Residents in Bomb Shelter
298-299....Open Barricade on entry level,Ransacked, Residents in Bomb Shelter
300-305....Entries & Windows Securely Barricaded, Abandoned
306-390....Entries & Windows Securely Barricaded, Residents home
391-393....Entries & Windows Securely Barricaded, Residents Hiding in Attic
394-397....Entries & Windows Securely Barricaded, Residents Hiding in Basement
398-399....Entries & Windows Securely Barricaded, Residents in Bomb Shelter
400-450....Shambles, Abandoned
451-469....Shambles, Ransacked, Abandoned
470-480....Shambles,Residents Home
481............ Shambles,Ransacked,Residents Home
482-483....Shambles,Residents Hiding in Attic
484-485....Shambles,Ransacked, Residents Hiding in Attic
486............ Shambles,Ransacked, Residents Trapped in Attic
487-489....Shambles,Residents Hiding in Basement
490............Shambles,Ransacked,Residents Hiding in Basement
491-494....Shambles,Residents Trapped in Basement
495-496....Shambles,Ransacked, Residents Trapped in Basement
497............Shambles,Residents Hiding in Bomb Shelter
498............Shambles,Ransacked, Residents Hiding in Bomb Shelter
499............Shambles,Residents Trapped in Bomb Shelter
500............Shambles,Ransacked,Residents Trapped in Bomb Shelter
501-590....Burnt-out Shell, Abandoned
591-595....Burnt-out Shell,Residents Hiding in Basement
596-597....Burnt-out Shell,Residents Trapped in Basement
598-599....Burnt-out Shell,Residents Hiding in Bomb Shelter
600............Burnt-out Shell,Residents Trapped in Bomb Shelter
601-688....Rubble, Abandoned
689-690....Rubble,Residents home
691-690....Rubble,Residents Hiding in Basement
691-696....Rubble,Residents Trapped in Basement
695-697....Rubble,Residents Hiding in Bomb Shelter
698-699....Rubble,Residents Trapped in Bomb Shelter

Any residence not indicated as having an occupied bomb-shelter has a 1% chance of having a bomb-shelter on the property that for some reason is unoccupied.

A residence or bomb shelter will be occupied by 1d12 individuals. A residence short on food and water will be a dangerous place to be.

Mostly intact indicates minor war damage and an open entry or broken window(s) on entry level.

Shambles, indicate notable damage, most windows smashed, doors may be open, interior will be in poor condition as well.

Ransacked, looks like others have searched the place quickly and thoroughly. Some damage to building and interior likely.

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  1. These are great, great charts/tables. I love stuff like thise for my own Mutant Future game.

    Thank you.

  2. Great stuff. I have been enjoying your AZA posts (and stealing bits of them them naturally). Are you planning on doing any other Different Mutant Futures?

  3. Glad you like them.

    The tables are meant for a "weeks after" time frame, if it was in the days after the bomb fell the distribution would be different (no barricaded houses, far less looting), further along and a many more residences would be abandoned.

    There will certainly be additional mutant futures in future posts.

  4. Super cool. Makes me want to get a Atomic Zombies game going.