Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby Boy is 2 Today.

On one of the most perfect days of summer so far and we're celebrating my baby boy's second birthday.

His teen siblings have done a wonderful job of appearing to be busy while not doing all that much, the wife has been a spinning top for a few days and I'm waiting to get my crack at the kitchen to whip up some burgers to throw on the BBQ grill for the guests.

Running a bath for the birthday boy right now, party is still a few hours off.


  1. Congratulations, my little one just turned one. Now I understand this whole "they grow up so quickly" saw."

  2. My "baby boy" Graduates from USMC Boot Camp next week. They grow up waay to fast. : )

  3. My middle child starts her freshman year of high-school this year. It feels like they are a little kids for years on end and all of a sudden blammo...teenager.