Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Brother is Calling.

For the past two weeks a couple times a day I get a call from "Big Brother" as identified by my caller I.D., I pick up the phone to answer and no one is there.

I'm lead to believe either...

Big Brother is watching and want's to let me know he's keeping tabs and really has nothing to discuss because I should know what I'm doing


The Big Brother association is trying to get donations and their call system sucks


I live in a matrix-like universe and someone is tryign to get me to wake up to reality...

Two of those are great hooks for an RPG adventure. Anyone else have ideas for the mysterious "Big Brother" phone calls?


  1. It's probably a telemarketer with a robot dialer thing- but what if it really is Big Brother?

    Maybe you're actually a robotic replacement for the original "You", but you have to receive orders from Big Brother every now and again and the easiest way to do it is by sending ultrasonic signals through the cell phone? What happens when they send the order to KILL?

  2. Take the Blue Pill! :)

    It's just part of a government time-travel experiment from 50 years from now. They are just pinpointing temporal nexus points on their global timegrid before they invade our world now from its own future. All valuable resources in their time are so diminished or non-existant they need to travel back and exploit our world for them.

    The paradox it will create has the additional benefit of being a great source of energy in its own right... if only they could keep it from spilling into reality as they perform their time-drills.

  3. There is actually someone there. They are planting suggestion in your mind and then when done no matter how much time has elapsed you are made to think that no one is there. If no one ever hears from me again then you know this was most likely right :)