Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yeah it's a full time job

Dming is a job. But it's not really a job if course, it's a hobby that's part of another wider hobby. It can require a heck of a lot more "work" then other players are asked to put into the game of course.

I might be on the extreme edge but I likely spend 28 hours or more a week working on my campaign, reading game rules, reading about other folks games, exploring new tools, fiddling with maps and graphics, and doing research that is really ultimately game oriented. Along with actually DMing a few hours a week.

I haven't worked up all the details and certainly haven't communicated them to my players but there's a lot more then they are aware of or capable to immediately interact with going on at any moment. I've put the work in so I know what I mean when I say "You see a Riperian settler still a little worn by passage and a Frontiersman of mixed-descent in hillman dress, both are lightly armed" and the good game player will learn what that means.

Would I like the time to draw more to illustrate my games? Sure.
Would I like more tools? Sure would.
It'd be great for my job as DM to be easier and for me to quickly present more detailed encounters but that wouldn't keep me from putting in the "work" to build and run a campaign.

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