Thursday, August 11, 2011

Post Apocalypse Hex Map Graphics

Here are a few hex map icons/symbols for some color traditional style RPG hex maps.
I'm whipping these up for future projects along with a gentle request for constructive criticism and to share with others.

Legal Mumbo-jumbo:
These map symbols are copyright 2011 by James D. Jarvis, anyone is free to use them for private, shared or commercial projects all I ask is to be notified about the project (a comment here would work fine) and to be credited for my contribution to your project (a link to this post would be cool). An exact copy of the specific image above isn't authorized for redistribution.


  1. These are great! While I don't have an immediate need for these, I'd like permission to use them on my blog down the line. I will gladly give full credit to the inventor of "Rad Waste". :)

  2. @Jay, glad you like them. Feel free, let me know when you do (though I'm sure to see it anyway, I read Exonauts! and Gama World War).

  3. Ashmires? Rust hills? Quaking bogs? Oh yes, I can definitely use these.

    Cheers JD.

  4. These are awesome! I'd recommend you toodle over to the Hexographer forums and share them there. To good to keep hidden on a blog.

  5. Do you happen to have the .png files for these so they could be used in Hexographer?

    1. I don't have them in PNG format but any graphics program worth its weight should be able to re-save to that format. Have you tried Gimp?

  6. Awesome. I used these in a hex map here.

  7. These are lovely! I have downloaded them for use in some private-game maps, and have included a link to this page.