Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How Mega is Mega ?

Just how big should a megadungeon be? How "mega" is "MEGA" really?

Mapping is never the problem, I love mapping, I could map all day and all night. Filling the map so people have fun is the issue.  So how mega should a megadungeon be?

A dungeon level I'm working on.
If you want the dungeon to be a dungeon wilderness it should be a big place. So big mapping for players is essential. Big enough to support many sessions of play. Big enough to have room to support the campaign if it's all the players want to get involved with. Big enough to cram a bunch of different monsters in together and not have them exterminate each other quickly. How big is a dungeon that supports all that?


  1. So the megadungeon I drew in 1976 had about 100 rooms on each level and has yet to be fully explored

  2. I can totally picture a setting that takes place in one big, massive mega-dungeon, where the PCs come from a subterranean community, who brave the underground wilderness to expand their area of safety and find new resources. There are no above ground exploration, or need to go topside to restock/resupply, as everything takes place underground!

    Then again, I really enjoy Necromunda (which takes place in massive, built-up mega-cities with below-ground under-city) and the manga BLAME! (which takes place in a super-massive super-structure that extends to over 30 AUs!!! That is around the orbit of Neptune!).

    The only issue I have with the map is the pattern with the big picture. It looks the rough, quilt-pattern on an old potato sack. Basically, it has too many 4-way intersections for my liking. Making it look more maze-like, with more gaps in the pattern, and areas that brake into complexes would be more ideal to how I would pull it off.

    Otherwise, that is a great map, with an insane amount of detail! Great work!

    1. The maps just starting really, it'll take a while to get to where I'd use it. The original is 900 dpi and scaled to 450 feet to the inch.

      Necromunda definitely gives the right vibe for a living dungeon (even if sci-fi).