Monday, February 3, 2014

Magical Masks

A selection of magical masks for your fantasy campaigns

Goblin Mask- an outlandish and grotesque goblin mask that let’s one pass for a goblin. It works flawlessly on goblins, orcs, and hobgoblins other bwgs, bugbears, ogres, and trolls get a save vs spells to avoid being fooled anyone and everyone else can tell it’s a mask.

Skeleton Mask-  this white mask totally covers the wearers head in a white skull. All undead under 3HD will disregard and ignore someone wearing this mask. “Zombies” that are actually those infected by disease or some sort of demonic possession who have not actually died will not be fooled.

Witch’s Mask- this mask makes one look like a stereotypical witchy hag. The wearer will be able to cast a fear spell 3 times a day while wearing this mask.

Ruby Mask- this mask is cut from a solid piece of red gemstone, crystal, or glass. While wearing this mask the waere is +4 to save vs fear but is also more trusting of stangers (making them easier to surprise) due to the rose colored view experience while the mask is donned.

Mirror Mask- this mask works as a mirror does vs  gaze attacks. The wearer may attack medusa’s and such at full capacity if they wish as the mask provides the wearer with a +4  save vs gaze attacks.

Breathe Mask- this bizarre beaked mask covers the users head almost completely offering a +4 save vs gas attacks. Unfortunately the glass lenses of this mask are a little tricky to see through and any ranged attack made with the mask on have a -2 penalty.

Harlequin’s Mask- while wearing this mask all performances are enhance as if one had a Charisma 3 points higher and charm spells cast by the user are harder to result giving the target a -2 to saves.


  1. Awesome post - I have been introducing magical masks into my campaign as a way to shapechange recently. I like the goblin mask a lot. A good cursed item would be a goblin mask that you could not remove until you had killed a particular goblin king or somesuch