Saturday, July 12, 2014

Date Day

Recovering from date day with the wife.

After a small fast food lunch we saw Dawn of the Planet of The Apes which I thought was fairly good, probably better then it's prequel. It did a bold thing for a modern U.S. film: major character dialog was in subtitles. Caeser is an intelligent yet emotional leader dedicated to his family and folk over everything else but isn't an ambitious swine. The snippets of developing ape culture we see in the film are interesting as we get to see the apes developing a culture of their own. I'm looking forward to another film in this series.

After the film we had an early dinner of sushi and tapas at "Mint Bistro" in Manchester NH.  Never been there before it was a good meal that great tasting meal that managed to hold me all evening really (Maki roll for starter, followed by excellent beef nachos, some lobster rangoon, and spicey lamb sausage with spinach).

After that we spent a couple hours strolling and people watching I kept steered clear of the heroin addicts and associated low-life that the wife didn't seem to notice (but she had no problem noting the shoes of every woman that walked past us while we were people watching).
"you're so paranoid" she said at one point.
"no I'm cautious and observant, look at that kid there on the skateboard fiddling with a magazine, what's a kid his age doing with a thick text heavy magazine doing hanging out on a corner like that, notice how he's handling the magazine, he's up to no good."
"oh there you go being paranoid again, not everyone is up to something because you think they are"
"no, he's up to something keep an eye on him"
Within a minute the kid is reaching into the magazine and he takes out a pair of ticket for the concert an hour off, he's scalping tickets. No serious crime but sure enough the kid was up to something.

After grabbing an ice cream (for the coolness mostly I was still full) we  entered the crowd heading to the concert, it was Micheal Buble'. The wife had won front row tickets from a sexy voice contest on a local radio station, I knew she'd win when she told me she entered the contest I fell in love with her voice before we even met in person. I knew only one of Buble's own songs as I don't listen to such music typically, the show was great however, the man is an excellent entertainer and that cat can wail.

Date day with the wife was a hoot.

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  1. "The wife had won front row tickets from a sexy voice contest on a local radio station..."

    Sounds like you're a lucky man. :)

    And I know what you mean about recovering from a good date. Then again, these days when my wife and I actually have a date, it's a chance for us to recover from the rest of our lives. :)