Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weapons, Weapons, weapons.

My thoughts have turned to weapons in D&D and related games and there's a number of posts from other folks I feel like sharing with you my readers:

Here’s an excellent post by Tom Fitzgerald for Terrible Weapons I rather like: as it presents less than ideal low-end starting weapons that give players something to work up from after the initial weapon selection. It would work well in a dung age setting or cash poor rural setting where the PCS are not starting out as elites.

A few years back Jeff Rients posted on adding options to weapons but only when rolling a 1 for damage: this adds a more variety to weapon use that keeps them all from being the same and doesn’t make any top-heavy.

Some posts on weapons from Arnold K  ay his blog Goblink Punch: a variety of notes on weapon use. provides some notes on melee weapons  and ranged weapons along with some firearms. presents a pretty cool treatment and simplification of an often needlessly complicated element of RPG combat, guns that is. Not sure if I’m going to have guns often at all in next campaign but the ideas here are, once again, cool. has wickedly clever supernatural/magic ammunition for firearms that look  great for guns in a still magical universe.

Charles Taylor has a number of excellent posts on weapons and fighting on his blog Spells and Steel:  The link will bring up several really good posts with examples from historical fighting manuals, well worth the time.

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