Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Turn Off Comments and One Hit Die

Really Alexis? My continuing to present comments on your arguments isn't baiting. Turn off your comment box if you don't want comments.


Other people have been using monsters with only one Hit Die for decades now. Other people have thought about what that means. Other people have done analysis in different scenarios. Other people are playing out different scenarios.

The basic data is 1HD monsters in AD&D have 1 to 8 HP. A DM can think about what that means and think "no way the Orcs of the Black Hills have only 1 or 2 HP they would already be dead" and do some analysis on that and realize it makes more sense for them to have 7 or 8 HP as all the wimps would have been weeded out as analysis of the data would show. That analysis is based on a specific set of conditions/scenarios which is clearly not exclusive in a game world where 1 HD monsters have 1 to 8 HP.
A DM should play the monster appropriately, the 7 or 8 HP orcs aren't the same fellows as the 1 or 2 HP orcs . One scenario to explaing HP scores is inadequate to explain the range of HP scores that exist even in but 1 HD.



  1. I used 1-2 HP critters to represent either small ones, sickly ones, young ones, or even injured ones...

    1. Shhh don't let certain people see that.

      Buy yeah, why the heck not, and what would be illogical about that? Why would the wimpy monsters be filtered out before the PCs got to them?

  2. You were trying to apply a reasonable solution. That was your mistake. Keep fighting the good fight JB.

    And there is nothing with rolling 1d8 for hit points. The critters don't have to be static things. Some may have lower hit points because the orc is weaker, just got his ass kicked by another orc, or maybe it fell into a pit the day before and hasn't fully recovered. Do we need to know that? Nope. Just the it has that many hit points for that encounter.

    1. I think people confuse the static nature of the information presented in adventures and confuse that with some sort of status-quo.

  3. Replies
    1. what did you foolishly try to apply years of experience and the capacity to analyze data in an attempt to reason with someone ?

    2. Been there, done that, got the tee shirt. Among others:





    3. If I were to get in the mud with pigs, I'd guess that he's jealous that Zak and RPGpundit have gotten all the attention as the OSR's most uncompromising voices.