Saturday, July 12, 2014

Strarships & Blasters

Want to play old-school D&D murder hobos in space?  

Go on over to swordplus+1 and download WARBAND!  by Mike Davidson, it's a great grotty blaster romp of D&Dish rules in a universe with Warhammer40kish elements. Might not be done yet but there's definetly enough for any veteran D&D enthusiast to run with.

After doing that a must have for any genre mashing with D&D in space is Space Age Sorcery from Hereticwerks. It's been available for over a year now but folks could have missed it or forgotten about it so I'm mentioning it here. I've used a number of the spells in my Mog campaign (fantasy trappings but actually post-apocalypse D&D) and more of them fit in a chaos filled space future campaign.

One could go a bit more strait-laced and mix in one or both into a Star Without Number or Other Dust campaign from Sine-Nomine Publishing. I'm glad I picked up both a while back they are definitely gems  of sandbox campaign setup and I can easily picture a metamorphosis alpha style campaign using all of the above if one didn't want to be nasty marauding space age murder hobos.

Speaking of Metamorphosis Alpha it's still out there with new stuff in the works and the original is availble as an inexpensive pdf. A couple generations removed and ultimatrly compatible with the above is Mutant Future which can be pillaged for a wealth of bits and pieces core rules here from the publisher for free  and the version with art here at drivethru rpg.

Hmmm... or maybe Old School not really Star Wars with muder hobos and mutants in space. One could easily manage it with all of the above and the vast amount of  non-rpg Star Wars stuff on the web.

There's no excuse beyond a misplaced sense of good taste to avoid blasting orcs in space.

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