Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Boggins, Trobs and Yogs oh My.

Years back my group was clearly becoming a little jaded by the plain old D&D humanoid races. It started me shaking things up a little. A variety of familiar but not identical humanoids followed. Here they are:

Boggins- stats as per goblins. When in a group of 6-12 one boggin may cast a spell once a turn. In a group of 13-99 A boggin will cast a spell every other round. In groups of 100 or more 1 spell will be cast each round. Boggins like to live in tunnels and halls under the forest floors.

Trobs- stats as trolls, they are ash white and don't regenerate. They are blinded by full daylight. They prefer large spears which they may throw 12/24/36 for 2d6+2 damage. They move silently 50% of the time. Trobs like dark forests and sleep in lairs dug out under tree roots.

Yogs- large ogre like humanoids with the stats of hill giants. There is a 1 in 3 chance any ranged spell cast at them will be reflected away in a random direction at up to half it's normal range. Yogs like to live in marshes where they cool themselves durign the day. They can hold their breath under water for up to 2 hours but are not otherwise overtly aquatic.

Troggins- gnoll strength goblinoids (same stats) with the ability to hide in darkness 90% of the time. Infravision will not reveal them in hiding and they will always gain surprise against folks that don't use torches or lanterns. Troggins are 6-7' tall grey skinned goblinoids who live in tunnels in the mountains and deep under the earth.

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