Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hungry Dead Reaction Table

I've always felt monster reaction tables are a pretty useful tool that is still under utilized. Sure one need not slavishly roll on them all the time as the adventure and the situation on hand can certainly dictate the likely monster reaction. It's fun while DMing to have to improvise or do things a little different.T he biggest impediment to using a universal reaction table for all such reactions is just that it's universal nature. Charts for a wider variety of situations or encounters give more room to define and spring forth new creations from entries on more specific tables.

Here now is my Hungry Dead Reaction Table, for use in situations when one has to deal with brainless, semi-brainless or gourmandish undead

Hungry Dead Reaction Table
2 ..... The undead seem oddly distracted by something else and don't pay you any attention
3-4 ... The undead seem confused by the stimulus of fresh meat (roll again at -2)
5-6 ... the undead are surprised by the walking talking meat before them, they stand there for a
round salivating (roll again in 1 round)
7 ... The undead are thrilled to see the PCs, they howl, scream, moan, groan or murmur "brains"as appropriate to draw more of their ilk to the oncoming feast (roll again +3)
8-9 ... the undead stumble onward ready to attack
10-12 ... the hungry dead leap forth ready to bite, gnash and tear.

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