Sunday, August 9, 2009

Crumbling Ruined Street Events

The following are a number of events that can be used to dress-up wanderings through post apocalyptic city ruins. To be inserted into a random events/encounters chart or fit into the local ruin key.

Glass from high overhead rains down. Anyone underneath must make save or suffer 2d12 damage.

A Facade collapses. Everyone must flee or suffer 6d6 damage with a 20% chance of being trapped under debris.

Ancient grate gives way dropping PC into sub basement. 3d6 damage in fall.

Street collapses into old subway. 4d6 damage in fall. 45% chance of trapping a victim in debris.

Fierce wind whips up street, half move rate to move against.

Echoes, every sound the party makes is amplified but the acoustics of the ruins here.

A running automobile can be heard in the distance.

A normal human falls from the heights of the buildings above. Searching pockets or nearby rooftop will reveal a note indicating the person was a sleeper or shelter dweller who came out recently but couldn't endure the world the way it was anymore.

A flowerpot hits one of the PCs on the head. (2d6 damage)

The street is full of human bones for the next couple dozen yards.

Vehicles are piled across street so as to form a barrier.

Boards with nails litter the street/sand walk. Anyone moving faster then a walk has to make a save to avoid stepping on a nail, 1d4 damage, it may stick and slow movement as well..

A nearby telephone/3d-wrist band rings but no one is there if it is answered.

"No Muties Allowed" sign with a couple mutant skulls placed as warning.

Rooftop Machine gun nest clearly visible overlooking street. If PCs investigate they discover it's a sham.

Scarecrows line the street for a couple blocks.

Mannequins placed about street as if normal pre-ruin life was still happening.

Christmas lights powered by small solar cells illuminate a two block area.

At least a dozen cars show signs of having been stripped for parts on the side of the street recently.

Fire Hydrant bursts spraying all nearby in old filthy water. (disease check?)

A row of intact parking meters. If tampered with a security robot may shop up in 2-12 rounds.

An ancient skeleton with placard reading "the end is near" is slumped on the stoop of a nearby doorway.

A functioning traffic signal.

A mutant human child is wandering alone in the street holding a doll.

Cockroaches scurry away in every direction as the party nears.

An ever growing hoard of mostly normal looking rodents is trailing the PCs, it will fade away each time it's attacked and be gone for good on the 3rd or 4th attack against them. After the 2nd attack roll a wandering mutant check.

Remains of a lynched human dangles from a light pole.

A high pile of bones lies on the street clearly under a window a couple of stories above.

A desperate mutant is handcuffed to a pole, left there by a police-bot for jay-walking. The mutant may join the party for 1d4 days if freed.

Animated bill-board comes to life for the next 2d6 days before fading away, the chance of a random encounter is triple normal during the time the bill-board functions.

Fire alarm goes off in nearby building.

Gun shots/ laser blasts can be heard in the distance.

"Adult" Blow-up dolls decorate the entrance to a building.

A big pile of now empty plastic water bottles in an old crate in the middle of the street.

"Robots Working" sign and traffic barrier.

A pair of serviceable shoes dangles from some old power lines overhead.

A radio blares out loud oldies for a few seconds from a window overhead.

A clothing line with clean laundry dangles across the street/alley.

A ball bounces down a flight of steps or rolls down the street.

A child's doll activated by the footsteps of the approaching PCs speaks out "ma-ma. ma-ma"

A crashed military air transport lodged in building a couple stories over the street. All useful gear has long since been scrounged.

A thirsty mutant pit-pony with a riding saddle wanders down the street.

A crater in the middle of the street.

A gun shots ring-out as a bullet glances off a surface near a PCs head.

A line of children's shoes in a cross walk.

Mutant pigeons burst out of a doorway or window as PCs pass, they fly off, everything is calm afterward...

Wolfrats can be heard baying in the distance.


  1. I love it. Consider this used in my Mutant Future campaign. Awesome stuff!

  2. Something to print out and stick in my ideas folder definitely!

    Love the suicidal sleeper, think I'd put mine in a blue boiler suit with a yellow 13 on it. *grins*