Sunday, August 2, 2009

[Real Life] It's A Boy !!!

Just got home minutes ago with baby Quinn. He's a squeaky squirmy babbler who already pushes himself with his arms and looks side to side with his head to specifically look at things, as best as his eyes will cooperate, and is pushing himself with his feet already to scoot into more comfortable positions.


  1. congratulations! Will you be starting him with the Holmes edition D&D, or Chgowiz's quick start Swords & Wizardry?

  2. I'm thinking I'll start him on Everquest D20, it'll be a classic at over 12 years of age by the time he's ready to play... ;-)

    His brother and sister were started as soon as they could read with the Holmes edit of D&D and it's very likely he'll start out there too but then BFRPG,S&W and LL all look good for new players as well.