Thursday, August 20, 2009

Underground Jobs

Just an idea for now. Surley will flesh it out in the future.
This popped into my head while watching a movie about an underground civilization "So that's what all those humanoids doing in a dungeon "
I came up with this list of job titles/roles-

Messenger , Drainage, Mold Scraper, Root Chopper,Websweep,Carpenter,Mason, Trap-smith, Locksmith, Rat Catcher, Spider Milker, Gong Farmer, Miner/Digger, Blacksmith Weaponeer, Armorer, Cobbler, Porter, Fungus Gardner, Jellyherd, Roottapper, Wormcharmer, Roustabout, Lamp-lighter, Snail-herd, Puppeteer and Drink-bearer.

Just have to work up the actual jobdescriptions and likely tools and hopefully my dungeons will develop a little more life.

oh yeah the movie was called "City of Ember"

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! Don't forget cook, tanner, nursery attendant, torturer, concubine, chamber pot emptier, and the ubiquitous guard!