Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fight On! No.7

Just purchased the pdf download of Fight On ! Number 7. This is the first issue of this old school fantasy gaming zine that I've purchased. I'm enjoying it so far, I'm certainly tempted to pick up back issues now.

This 88 page zine has about 2 dozen pieces of old school goodness, several adventures, some good advice, some nasty critters and a good amount of evocative art. I'm not going to review everything in here but I'll cover some of what I like. This issue also has a number of articles for Tekumel/Empire of the Petal Throne.

Knightly Orders by Robert “Treebore” Miller is a 2 page article on knightly orders meant as a way for knightly PCs to personalize their fighters. Two Solid examples are given and should serve well as a jumping off point for other knightly orders.

The Shaman a class for the original EPT by James Maliszewski provides a new "uncivilized: spell casting class for EPT games with a new list of professional skills and a tailored spell list for the class. The class also provides the opportunity to play something different in Tekumel an outsider spell caster that isn't' tied up directly to the mythology of EPT but doesn't clash with it.

Details: Pé Chói by Baz Blatt provides 5 pages of rules, background and examples for more detailed play of Pé Chói in EPT even other old-school games. I'm fond of the format of the article and the use of random roles to assign background details and special abilities.

The Song of Tranquility is an interesting looking adventure by Jerry Stratton. The adventure is inspired by a variety of certified old school sources and the site is marked by a wooden cross that could possibly reveal the resting place of Noah.

Tables for Fables by Age of Fables provides some random charts for Pits, Teleportation, Lingering Effects of Being Raised and more.

The Wandering Harlot Table Compensated Companionship for Mutant Future by Adam Thornton generates the specifics (and oh boy is it specific) for Mutants of the Red Light District for customers of all tastes (or poor eyesight), it's an eye opener and certainly in the adult end of gaming.

Notes from (the Tekumel) Underground by Aaron Somerville provides descriptions and summaries of portions of the authors campaign within his version of the underworlds of Tekumel. Good stuff covering a number of interesting situations with Description, the authors notes and what happened in his campaign when the players got to the encounter.

There is a one page Tekumel Adventure and a longer 9 page adventure neither of which I've had the pleasure to digest just yet.

Taking It With You by Lawson Reilly covers the hiring and bearers from The Guild of Porters.

The above is just a portion of what is in Fight On #7 there are adventures,articles, variants, monsters and spells I just haven't had the time to read yet but what I have read leaves me recommending this to fans of Old School gaming.


  1. Thanks for writing this up! I wish FO! Included more description about what the articles are about, so this sort of review is very helpful. :)

  2. Thank you very much for the hat tip and I'm glad you enjoyed the issue!

    - Ignatius