Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mutant Future gameplay

In my current mutant future Mutantbox campaign the hardy band of scavengers has gone deeper into the hospital after battling some pigmen that came snooping about in the lobby area previously occupied by the Mansquitos and their hemofowl. Fluffy was almost killed in the battle with the Pigmen and was rather sheepish about his wounds for a while. Carhoo manged to dispatch the last of the Pigmen with his gas weapon.

One wing of the hospital proved to be secured and seemingly untampered with. After failing several attempts to gain access via door the party set to hammering their way through the walls and after a fair amount of time. Gevin and Enkay first explored through the hole the party dug in the wall and ran afoul of security robots resulting in the female mutant fleeing down the corridor and Gevin being hauled away to a vivisection chamber.

In time the rest of the party managed to regroup with Enkay and find their way into the secret sub-tunnels under the hospital where they encountered orange clad security men with stun pistols. Craniax and Bay Aluminum battled the security men and robots for a time until Craniax set ff deep into the tunnels to find the power source for the place.

Bay fell to the security robot after dispatching the security guards with the help of
a nearly dead Fluffy. While fluffy was reviving the other members of the party Bay was hauled away.

Luckily for all Craniax ran into the path the security robot was traveling with Bay and found his way into the heart of the complex. He discovered vivisection chamber just as Gevin was having an arm removed by a medi-bot acting under the instructions of three freakish Whitecoats he was able to silence with a captured stun gun.
We ended the night with Craniax attempting to still the medi-bot and save Gevin while the rest of the party was trying to find safety in the tunnels from an oncoming security force.

Due to a number of recent issues and scheduling problems we haven't played for a month so it was fun to leap back into the game. I had prepared a simple map of one wing of the hospital on a sheet of paper and simply changed the room contents on the fly as the party explored with just a couple of possible encounters pre-planned and in mind.


  1. good stuff. That is exactly how I have been running most ruins that my players explore in Mutant Future, with a map, a couple of notes on possible encounters and a whole lot of improv.

    I like the vivisection chamber, sounds freaky.

  2. As Carl said, Good Stuff! MF is a blast to run!