Wednesday, December 9, 2009

oops scheduling problems

my regular group couldn't get together last night to play our Mutant Future game but my son was chomping at the bit for some RPG dungeoneering so the Wife, kids (all 3 of them) and I whipped up some characters and played using the Swords & Wizardy WhiteBox rules.
We used my variant races and randomly rolled levels and ended up with this party:

Erin Starkill an L3 Amazon Fighter
Bugbane the Sweaty another L3 Amazon Fighter
Jannay a L4 Amazon Magic-User
Bee Wee a L3 Pygmy Cleric (played by the wife and 4 month old baby)

We journeyed into the Dismal Depths: Tunnels of the Molemen (from sham's Grog & Blog: ).
On night on the journey from the town to the dungeon the party was sneak attacked by a trio of mangy looking Morlocks, two of which attempted to flee with the sleeping Bee Wee while the largest battled Bugbane as a distraction, the escape of the cannibal pygmy-nappers was thwarted by a phantasmal forces spell causing the morlocks to hesitate long enough to be caught and dispatched by the amazon fighters.
The molemen demanded tribute from the trespassers and one of them accidentally insulted the amazons and the molemen slaughter began. Bee Wee spooked off one large number of moleemen using a light spell which surprised and demoralized the fuzzy subterraneans. Creepie Crawlies almost took out Erin when she decided to root about in a garbage pit but a sleep spell ended their assault. Later after 2 days rest a sleep spell was instrumental in slaughtering a number of molemen and a moleman priest of sorts.
The slightly different monster selection, variant races and simple rules made for a quick and fun romp.

How's a 4 month old role play you ask? Mom helps out of course. Bee Wee only was bright enough to speak his native language of Pygmy and the only member of the party which understood Pygmy was played by his mother so mom would consult with baby and play out bee wees actions as seemingly appropriate.

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