Thursday, December 24, 2009

Who Dwells in Fomorgard?

I've begun preliminary work on a commercial old-school adventure-site module currently bearing the working title of Fomorgard. The module will center on a massive castle originally built by the Fomorians from where they did rule as far as their great reach did extend. The castle changed hands a number of times over the ages and each era's occupants have left their mark on it's massive walls and grand towers. Now nominally abandoned this castle draws the attention of brave adventurers willing to pit themselves against horrors rumored to dwell in vast halls guarding treasures long lost to the world of man.

There is a lot of work ahead of me and I ask you my gentle readers for a bit of advice as my notes are not yet tied to any one set of rules:

What rules system would you like to see this written for?

1. Labyrinth Lord with the Advanced Edition Companion.
2. The Basic Fantasy Role-playing Game (BFRPG)
3. Swords and Wizardry, core rules
4. Sword and Wizardry White-Box
5. House Rules meant to supplement any old school rpg
6. House Rules written as rules adequate enough to run the adventure.
7. Generic Fantasy rpg
8. other


  1. I'd say house rules to supplement any old-school RPG. If you really had to pick a ruleset, I'd say Labyrinth Lord with AEC. (I wish AEC would come out, already!)