Sunday, January 24, 2010

Does this happen to other gamers?

Over the years I'll walk into my cubicle and there is a print out sitting on my chair. This is standard operating procedure for "I think this is yours but I have no idea where to put ". Now this print out is usually NOT something work related. It's usually something RPG related or much stranger AND it's almost never actually mine.

Somewhere in a company of a couple hundred there is someone who likes War Hammer,Magic the Gathering and Anime girls in underwear. And it's not me.

I've considered staking out the printers, except of course, Magic the Gathering sort of creeps me out.

I also wonder why the heck other employees have figured out that stuff like that could be mine?


  1. Free Anime girl artwork?

    Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

  2. Ha. The higher aboves just know. Could be a doppelganger lurking in your office.

  3. I had my own "two worlds collide" moment last year at a lcoal convention. Who should I see in the registration line but a guy I see in the cafeteria at work almost every day. Didn't even know his name, but I sure recognized him, and he me. Kind of odd when your work and gaming worlds collide.