Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flatulent Desperadoes, Mutant Future game play

In the last minutes of tonight's Mutant Future game the party gained a new name: The Flatulent Desperadoes.

Starting back at the beginning of the session the party equipped up with the funds gained in earlier play. Most of the party got Jackalopes, Bobo got a War-Jack and a Spidery is now the "loyal" steed of Craniax; the whoel party chipped in funds to get a Bloat to serve as a pack carrier.

Against all odds the party had an uneventful journey from productive Fresh Pond to the den of inequity known as Spillside.

The party found shelter at an inn that to us modern folks would look like a storage bin rental facility. Most of the party set off looking for a gun dealer leaving Bay-Aluminum and Karhoo behind. To their misfortune they ran into a gang of Goliaths and a melee ensued when Enakai leapt up and punched one in the mouth; She and Gevvin lost their lives in the fight. Craniax and Bobo looted the remains of their fallen companions and three fallen Goliaths before acquiring a shotgun at a dealer.

Following this downturn of events Bobo went out to mug a hapless victim while everyone else mourned the loss of their fallen friends. Bobo managed to scare off a pack of pig-men via empathy attack and gave up on his miscreant ways (briefly).

Karhoo figured out a way to mask his negative empathy using his illusion generation power, or so he thought. Trying the stunt out in the bar attached to the inn proved to a failure. Karhoo managed to use his gas attack twice and Bay fire his Radiation and integrated laser pistol to finish off the patrons and staff of the bar in 4 rounds.After waiting for the gas to clear an quickly looting the dead before reclaiming their stabled steeds Craniax jokingly refereed to the gang as "The Flatulent Desperadoes" (unknowingly within ear shot of a hiding stable hand).


  1. Great game! Looks like it was a deadly one too with some characters losing their lives.