Sunday, January 17, 2010

Strange Radiations

Deep in the underworlds, on far off planes, exotic alien worlds and weird post apocalyptic futures there are strange radiations that bend bodies, warpminds, what follows are a few of those arcane energies.

Ossifying Radiation: With each exposure resulting in a failed save the victim suffers a loss of 1-4 points of dexterity (in addition to standard radiation damage) as their tissues stiffen and are over run with bone growth. Creatures lacking bones don't suffer this additional effect and are +2 to their save vs this radiation.

Necromorphic Radiation: When a victim of this radiation is killed by the radiation they will be reanimated in 2-7 turns as undead (zombies, ghouls or as appropriate). Their attacks will be tainted by Necromorphic radiation of half the intensity that did slay them

Spectremogrifiying Radiation: With failed save the victim of this radiation becomes less substantial and ethereal. Equipment and weapons in use have a 1 in 6 chance per failed save of dropping away each turn. When six saves are failed all the victims equipment will drop to the ground and they will be a helpless ethereal phantom (or something nastier if the ref so decides). If killed by the radiation the transformation is irreversible, those that aren't killed will have a1 in 6 chance of re-substantiating each day.

Alchemists Nightmare Radiation: This nightmare reverses the efforts of the alchemists of old. Each exposure will transform precious metals into a lower and less valuable form of metal. Metals reduced to lead (or lower) will carry this foul radiation. (A Ref could be kind and only have one form of metal exposed be effected, the most valuable one first of course)

Crystallizing Radiation: Each failed save versus this radiation will cause organic matter to become increasingly transparent. After 4 failed saves they will look like clear glass (not truly invisible as some adventurers would like). They will radiate this radiation for 1-4 days after gaining full Crystallization.