Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mutant Future gameplay 3

We played our 3rd session of Mutant Future in the MutantBox setting this past Tuesday.

The party was trapped and spread out in the a subterranean labyrinth under an old hospital defended by stitched together Frankenstein guards in orange jumpsuits with sun-glass visored yellow helmets armed with stun guns and security robots.

Crainiax managed to deactivate the vivisection robot and save Gevin from death but poor Gevin still lost an arm. After finding and reactivating Bay Aluminum Gevin made his escape through the air duct system while Craniax and Bay waited things out while invisible (Craniax couldn't fit his big head into the air duct).

While Craniax, Bay and Gevin were busy elsewhere the remaining party was fleeing through the labyrinthine complex and came into an unoccupied cafeteria and found their way into the recently evacuated kitchens. after making it look like they had exited the area by a different route they hid themselves in a meat locker and suffered the cold to avoid the security forces.

Gevin crawled his was through the air ducts which was still and easy enough task even with only one arm since he has perfect balance. He eventually exited in a large lavoratory to discover himself in an area of Dorms. He wandered until he stumbled upon a large number of grey and yellow stripped suited occupants going about their business and fled back into the ducts. Greed or curiosity got the better of him however and he popped out back in on of the dorm rooms and tried to open and search through a locker in a dorm and was apprehended by an orange suited security guard.

Craniax and Bay slipped past security bots while invisible and discovered a number of guards and with a security barrier between them and the elevators. Their ambush was quick and efficient and they ran off with captured stun guns until the came upon another security force.

Enkay. Carhoo and Fluffy exited the meat locker and were immediately engaged by a security robot, Carhoo was stunned and Fluffy managed to lock the security robot in the meat locker before the three bumped into a hapless janitor mopping the floor out in the cafeteria. Enkay tried to incapacitate the janitor but to no avail so fluffy dispatched the poor fellow. They spotted a security barricade and once they revived Carhoo they rushed the guards.

Lucky for all Craniax and Bay Aluminum heard the combat and rushed to join it. The battle was brief but left Ekay stunned. The party fled up the elevator shaft of a now disabled elevator with Enkay tied onto fluffy.

Gevin woke up with his head bumping as he was being dragged down a flight of stairs being dragged by a security guard. He made his escape using his planar-sift mutation.

The rest of the party managed to escape the under complex and the hospital. they avoided a herd of Xeno Cattle. All was going well as they made their way to the cave they had discovered in the junk pile north of the 175th Street. Blocking their way were 10 glowing humanoids. To their dismay the stun guns they had captured no longer functioned (being deactivated once the owners knew which ones were missing) so bitter and desperate melee was joined. Fluffy succumbed to radiation poisoning suffered when he bit and clawed the glowing mutants. Carhoo dispatched a few of the mutants with his gas attack and the remainder fled up into the junk pile.

The next morning the party made their way back to Fresh Pond to rest up and sell the spoils of their adventures. Luckily for them a merchant caravan arrived in town during the week so they made some lucrative sales on a few items ad were able to get anything on the equipment list they could afford.However Bay Aluminum was an awful haggler and made about 1/100th of what Craniax did for the sale of the deactivated but seemingly functional stun guns. Gevin returned by the end of the week and the tales of their exploits encouraged a new mutant ape man to offer to join them on their next forray into the ruins.

So first PC death and 1 PC is missing an arm, no surprise Fluffy died he spent the whole session with 1 hp. All the surviving PCs earned enough experience points to level up. They plan on returning to the complex under the hospital- I might have to draw a map.

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  1. Awesome play report, and give my condolence's to Fluffy's player!