Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bloat problems

Bloats can and may suffer from a variety of ailments and difficulties that make the steeds a unique experience for adventurers.

There is a 15% chance any new bloat will have a problem. there is a 1% chance per month of developing a problem if a bloat currently has none.

Bloat Problems (roll 1d20)

1. Allergy- the bloat suffers 1 hp of damage per turn when in proximity of allergen
2. Athletes foot- the bloat itches feet all the time, could be contagious
3. Ingrown toe-nail- speed in reduced by 1/5th until treated
4. Sniffles- the bloat seems to always have a head cold, 1 in 10 chance of screwing up an ambush
5. Fear Impulse- one type of creature makes the bloat run in horror, no save
6. Flatulence- the bloat has a 1 in 6 chance of letting rip each encounter
7. Tummy Ache- the bloat is irritable and noisy until cured (or it goes away in 2-7 days)
8. Gout- the Bloat has a 10% chance of being incapacitated for 1-3 days each week.
9. Leprosy 5 save each week or contract disease,
10. Lice - rider must save vs poison each day or suffer 1 hp damage
11. Brittle Bones- any hit has a 1 in 12 chance of crippling the Bloat
12. Contagious Psoriasis- 20% chance the rider catches it each week -1 CHA
13. Irritable Bowel Syndrome- 15% chance of being incapacitated for 1-6 hours after a meal
14. Uncontrollable Urination- 1 in 8 chance per encounter of urinating
15. Hums (Badly)- hums old show tunes now and again, 1 in 12 chance each hour, will not stop for 1-100 turns.
16. Gas Attack (determine intensity randomly)- 1 in 20 chance of letting rip each encounter
17. Blink 1 in 100 chance per encounter up to 500 ft away
18. Drools - unsightly, also makes the Bloat even easier to track
19. Berserk Rage 2 in 100 chance per encounter of going nuts and attacking everyone
20. Random Mutation Bloat Develops a random physical or mental mutation.

Bloat stats are here.