Tuesday, October 19, 2010

15 games, 15 minutes

15 games in 15 minutes and what I could type about them.

1. D&D
2. Gamma World
3. Worlds of Wonder
4. Call of Cthulhu
5. Mutant Future
6. Star Fleet Battles
7. Star Frontiers
8. The Fantasy Trip
9. CarWars
10. BootHill
11. Aftermath
12. Traveller
13. Star Trek (FASA)
14. Empire of the Petal Throne
15. Runequest

Honorable Mentions: Traveller:2300, Twilight 2000, Chill, Judge Dredd, Tunnels and Trolls, Rolemaster, Grand Theft Auto, Unreal Tournament, Castle Wolfenstien (3D & original), Doom, Gettysburg, Starship Troopers, Rivets and Chitin:I

D&D- self explanatory. I don't have a favorite edition either and I'm lumping in tons of awesome OSR goodness in here too.

Gamma World- the longest runnign not D&D camapigns I've ever had have been Gamma World. I like 1st, 2nd&4th. My longest running GW campaign was with the actual 4th edition of the game.

Worlds of Wonder- easy, quick compatibe fantasy, sci-fi and superheroes all in one box. This was my go to fill-in game for almost 20 years.

Call of Cthulhu- a mood rpg that doesn't suck.The universe isn't what yuo thought ti was and it's going to destroy you and nothing really gives a damn either which way about how you feel about that.

Mutant Future- This is the gem of the whole Retro/OSR movement to me. It joins together two of my favorite games very smoothly and while it borrows a lot there is also a whole bunch of new and exciting there.

Star Fleet Battles- few games could excite me more about moving 1 pt of energy from one starship system to another. Awesome interstellar battles 1 hex at a time (and a whole bunch of sheets of paper).

Star Frontiers- I simply liked this straight-up don't worry too much about science sci-fi game. My grand father did too.

The Fanatsy Trip- it's a board game, it's and RPG I can't get anyone to play a whole campaign in. It's two awesome games I never got to play as much as I want in one package (well actually 2 packages and 3 more rulebooks but hey relax)

Car Wars- oh yeah, Johnny can speed. "Cut me off will ya? Eat my Vulcan Double MG."

Aftermath- too much math, awesome detail and an insane combat flowchart in the ruins of civilization, it hit a nerdy gamer sweet-spot for me.

Boot Hill- ."I intend to bring you back to promise city, or kill you trying"
"Mighty bold talk for a balding early middleaged couch potato"


  1. Argghh.....I forgot RISK. I played the heck out of that and even like some of the newer RISK games. A buddy and i liked RISK so much we worked up boards and minor hous rules for U.S. civil war risk, greyhawk risk and known world risk (mystara) with big hand drawn maps.