Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Horror Averted

My Halloween adventure slotted for tonight has been averted due to head colds.
Pity too as I the PCs were stumbling into a cluster $%#! of a situation.

Towards the end of last session the players scoped out sources and bills posted in taverns to find a "job". The Barbarian in the party spent three days at searching out posted bills until he realized...he can't read, and the players thought I was just being obstinate when I kept informing the barbarian he wasn't' finding anything of note in the posted bills for three whole days.

Eventually the party scouted up a request and potential monster clearing bounty at a vllage not too far away. So with notions of G.P.s and slaughter dancing in their eyes they set off for the sleepy ville and didn't get there until just about sundown three days later.

The party was stuck on the far side of a river and could not hail attention from the other side river. There were still some boats tied up but no one in view paying attention to activity riverside. Only a fraction of the homes had smoke coming from their chimneys and there were a large number of crows in the as of yet harvested crops (it's harvest time in the campaign). Through their amazingly powerful (x 3) spy glass they spied there were a number of people patrolling the low walls of the stronghold on the far edge of town on a small hill and a crowd of people by the gate.

The players attempted a few gimmicks to get attention and decided to build up a big fire to camp and draw attention and warmth in the growing darkness. Shortly afterward they heard some cries, some were certainly those of people facing death, someone in the village on the opposite shore jumped into the river and was swept away by the current and lost in the darkness. Shortly after that there were more cries and a building on the edge of the village burst into flame...

I have to wait at least another week to spring the reveal on the players.

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