Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 Home Brews in 15 minutes

5 Home brews in 15 minutes.

Describing 5 home-brew campaigns/games in 15 minutes (give it a shot if you can)

1. AD&D, Garforne Sanctuary and the Crack- I'm sure the campaign world had a name, I don't remember what it was. Action started in the enlightened feudal state of Garforne where man, dwarf, halfling and elf united against the goblins and giants. In time the party got a ship and spent some time "hanging out" in Sanctuary before getting swept up with even greater wander lust and finding a really grand canyon full of dungeons that ripped into the depths of the earth: The Crack...hmmm, horrible jokes aside I might want to revisit The Crack.

2. Talymria , The High Vales and the Hundred Isles- my longest running RPG campaign it saw three different groups of straight up AD&D characters in an ever rules tweaked version of the game (we used a spell point system for the last 1/3 of the campaign's life. Lot's of adventure in many regions, a few planes and three time zones.

3. Victorian Mars- I Liked the idea of the GDW mars game but hated the rules and always liked sword and planet adventures. So we played D&D bent to fit Victorians on mars many times over the years.

4. Cymrian Realms- D&D rules cyclopedia rules in a Celtic flavored campaign where I had a terrible OCD detail attack where I mapped the locations of hundreds and hundreds of villages and holdings. I could even tell you who lived in a lot of them...

5. N-th Wave, homebrew campaign and rules beyond cyberpunk. Flippies, mirror shades, trans morphic genering, nasty corporations that couldn't really pull off the ever present mega-corp thing, street gangs with super guns and shark teeth. Players ended up dressed as Dimney Corp characters escorting Bernie the Dinosaur while a vampire super-soldier stalked the canals of Boston and a horrible truth about the Public-Eye safety system was revealed.

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