Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dismiss Elementals- Beefing up Magic Users

Ever feel like your magic-users aren't very magical? Experimented with spell variations in the past but never found something you like? How about a new Special Ability?

Dismiss Elementals

Under this variant Magic-Users gain the ability to dismiss elementals and their closely related kin through use of arcane lore that is not embodied by spells. To dismiss an elemental a M-U must remain stationary and within 240 of a visible elemental for two rounds. If the M-U is unharmed during these two rounds a roll to dismiss the elemental may be made at the end of the second round. This ability may be used against one type of elemental at 2nd level or greater. A second type of elemental may be dismissed when the MU reaches 7th level and a third type may be dismissed when the M-U is 11th level (an 8th level M-U could, by example, dimiss Earh and Fire Elementals but be unable to Dismiss Air or Water Elementals and when that M-U reaches 11th level they could choose to select one of the later to Dismiss) . A dismissed elemental is banished from the material plane and sent to it's plane of origin. One may not dismiss an elemental (or elemental kin) on it's home plane.

Dismiss Elemental (3d6 Roll)

M-U levelup to 4HD 5-8 HD9-15HD16+ HD
2-3 16 ---
4-5 14 16--
6-7 12 1416-
8-9 10 121416
10-11 8 101214
12-13 6 81012
14+ 4 6910

Intelligent Elementals are allowed a save vs. paralysis to avoid the effect.
Un-intelligent Elemental under direct control of an intelligent spell-caster are allowed a save as per their masters class and level.

A Magic-User may Dismiss no more then twice his/her level in Hit Dice of Elementals in 10 minutes.


  1. A nice idea.
    --Is it scaled to your preferred Turn/Rebuke Undead chart?

    It seems like the time-investment may be a bit high (by my casual reckoning), in comparison to the Cleric's ability.
    --I'll have to ponder the differences.

    In any case, it is pretty cool. :D

  2. Thanks.

    The time investment of 2 rounds to dismiss is there to limit the ability and limit the overall effectiveness. A wizard going head to head agaisnt an elemental might have a hard time pulling this off but as tactics a larger party can attempt it should be more effective (and keeps some spell casting out of a fight for two rounds).

  3. Sorry for the delay in responding. I just found 70+ replies to my comments in GMail's Spam folder.

    I see where you are coming from with the limitation.
    --Thanks for the explanation. :)