Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My old D&D Boxed set

I thought it would be fun to go through one of my D&D basic boxed sets and chose the one I use and not the one in storage.

This D&D boxed set is the original Basic D&D edited by Eric Holmes. The box is a bit battered with a split corner. There's a blue sticker on the cover so this means it's not the first one I had as a kid but a copy I got at a Yankee swap one christmas in the mid-late 90's.

The blue covered basic rulebook is in pretty good shape, two different reams of paper were clearly used in the printing as the middle fold of the book has whiter pages then the outer fold of pages. A previous owner took an orange marker to the book and underlined some passages throughout the book. It's the second edtion november 1978 printing and is a little different from the original one I had but I don't currently recall all the differences.

Next in is a character sheet written on lined notebook paper for Sir Smasher a human fighter, a sheet my son used judging by the handwriting. Sir Smasher earend all of 46 exp. The equipment section on the sheet lists EV along with some items (Tunic 1 EV, Tulwar 2 EV) hmmm?

Following that is a copy of B2 Keep on the Borderlands. This module is old and worn but still usable. This module didn't come in this boxed set, it was with another copy of basic. The outdoor map had a couple numbered locations penciled in sometime 30-25 years ago. The chart in the back of the book for additional NPC characters is mostly full. There are a number of elves with elfquest-like names and a number of "tribesmen". Some of the classes include Hunter and Healer.
There are a couple of printed out sheets beefign up a few encounters shoved into the back of the module. Lair A, once the kobold lair is ransacked. The orcs in lair B are the "Spittlegore" orcs composed of cast-offs from the horde of Thar, they are tough and on the lookout for mates and loot. (I'll post the full set of noted sometime).

Next booklet in is "Monster Manuscript" from grenadier models (1986).An okay thin monster manual that had stats for a line of grenadier models, some duplicates of D&d monsters, some new monsters and some variants.

After that the "Bones of Power" a book full of dice charts that incorporated a skull die and a devil die from gamescience. The dice are not in this box (they wouldn't fit). I don't know if I ever used this much at all in the past.

Deepwr into the box there is a wad of notebook paper. One sheet has a sketch of the outer ward of the keep on the borderlands with the only labels being "provisoner" and "Blacksmith", not in my hand writing. A charcter sheet for a Human Wizard by the name of Killer Jr. He's got 46 exp also, he was palyed by a freidn of the family and clearly went with Sir Smasher mentioned earlier and he has a spell of mending that isn't in homes. Another sheet is the character sheet for Father Gary who also earned 46 exp. There's a sheet for ransack holds-a-lot the thief who is armed with a tulwar as smasher was above. There's a sheet for Sir Gillian Alabaster a fighter with scores marked for horsemaship and Inspire who earned all of 14 exp.

Another wad of papers follows that, these folded in half and labeled "Goblin Caves" in my handwriting, they are the sheets of a party slain in the caves of chaos. Kipper the thief who earned 12 exp, William the wizard who never earned exp, killer the fighter who never earned exp, Gelgamesh the fighter who had 0 g.p and no exp and last but not least Poofta an elf with 75 g.p. and had earned 12 exp. All these sheets look like a cross of basic and C&C.

After the hapless crew of PCs there is an old mon0chrome copy of B1 that came with this box, it's in excellent shape that waslikely never used, I had another copy of B1 but it's not in this box.

The Monster and treasure assortment sets-one-three:level one-nine is also stuffed in the box. It's in surprisingly good shape for how much I used it back in the olden days.

Mors hseets are in the bottom of the box Pegolaff the elf and Bimbli the dwarf share space on a character sheet written in my son's scrawl. On another sheet there's a crude but seemingly accurate map of a portion of the sample dungeon in the rule book. Tarni the dwarf is on another sheet of paper with 9 HP and 340 g.p of treasure. A no name fighter with 2 HP, plate armor and 5 torches along with a week of iron rations is on the back of that sheet. Tostina the thief is here with 2 hp and all her encumbrance figured out for here equipment. Clerk the cleric is after her at 3rd level and 274 g.p. he can cast protection from evil and cure light wounds, he own 11 weeks of rations but is only carrying 2. These are all followe dby a used tally sheet with notes for encounters with scorpions, 53 skeletons, small monsters, a wight and 12 more skeletons.

So that's what was in my D&D boxed set. What's in yours?


  1. My days of keeping notes in the original box were quickly surpassed by the charm of 3-ring binders, all of which are long gone. *sigh*

    Perhaps EV is Encumbrance Value?

  2. EV must be encumbrance value, which I don't recall ever using. Might have been a carryover from experimenting with C&C early on. The sheets have all got to be 4-8 years old. I was playing lot's of basic D&D back then.