Sunday, September 8, 2013

As much fun as milking a Stingbat

For the first time in a while every player in the MOG campaign turned up. We had 12 PC's and 2 Henchmen. The party decided to stay the heck away from the ghouls if they could manage it this session. So west of the gate and beyond a chamber where they battled albino rodents of unusual size and quickly growing mold weeks earlier.

The current party roster:
Vistara a 2nd level Amazon Acolyte
Gremlin a 2nd level Pygmy Rogue
Roric a 2nd level Fighter
Biko a 2nd level Pygmy Hunter
Corriane a 3rd level Amazon Acolyte
Darren a 2nd level Hunter
Norvan a 2n level Pygmy Assassin
Shep a 2nd level Cyclops Fighter
Belarus a 1st level PygmyRogue
MacDowel Hatfiled 1st level Fighter
Vaelock a 1st level Magician.
Bitame a 1st level Zealot
and the Henchmen
Burk a 1st level Fighter
Melvin a 1st level Fighter

Wandering into  the territory if albino rodents of unusual size provided the expected results and a swarm of the pallid vermin were engaged and dispatched. The party unknowingly (and may luckily) wandered away from the creatures lair and stumbles on a undermanned slaver outpost. Most of the slavers were dispatched but one fellow Orley successfully surrendered and was taken on as a henchman by th magician Vaelock. Half a dozen rescued moleman miners and a roughed up young woman were safely escorted back into town.

Returning back to the slaver outpost Orley helped the party bypass a few traps (and avoid a few dangers they remain unaware of) a better understandign of the local layout was also gained.
Orley's service didn't last for long with the party however as he decided to flee when he saw Corriane reanimate the remains of two of hus former colleagues; he was chased down and butchered for his cowardly retreat.

Pushign deeper in to tunnels a wide passage was discovered with a grade leading down  the party was eager to press on hoping to find better loot deeper down and further from the entrance.  No normal loot was found but a small flock of stingbats was encountered. The pygmy point-men Belarus and gremlin were quickly overwhelmed by the stinging creatures (whose barbed tails inject victims with an overwhelming weakness poison) but before their life-blood could be drained the rest of the party dispatched or drove off the stingbats except for one which was captured inside a thrown blanket.
The party bundled up the winged rodent and rushed back to town.

A cage was purchased a the bazaar to keep the stingbat and much debate and planning was made in how to milk the creature of it's poison.  They decided two people wearing slothskin gloves gained back in the thorn forest would be used to protect one person who would hold down the bat while the other milked the poison from it's tail; it worked and a powerful dose of weakenss poison was the bounty received. "Only one dose?"... yes guys only one it's the size of a squirrel with wings after all.
I wish I had a recording of that 20-30 minute stingbat milking it was hilarious, the amount of engagement and fun gotten out of this was amazing.

The next day with the stignbat safely en-caged in their bunk-room the party went deeper into the tunnels on the edge of the undercity. Some molemen miners with sacks full of bounty were not robbed, tricked, or menaced in any fashion.  A patrol of bogloids was quite literally bumped into and a quick and noisy fight broke out with several pistols discharged and missing. We broke for the night just after the fight with the bogloid patrol.


For the first time in weeks no one died, well at least no one but he new henchmen employed and slain in about a half hour of table time.

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