Saturday, September 21, 2013

Who lives in that house on The Yellow Planet?

Occupants of a house on The Yellow Planet
1: Hermit
2: Sleeping Robots
3: Robots
4: Hermit and Sleeping Robots
5: Hermit Trapped by Robots
6: Hermit and his Robots
7: Hermit trapped by hungry zombies
8: Hermit and his zombies
8-9: Small Family
10: Small family and Robots
11-12: Small Family with Zombies
13: Large Family
14: Large Family and Robots
15-16: Large Family with Zombies
17: Band of Wanderers
18: Sleeping Zombies
19: Programmed Zombies
20: Hungry Zombies

Secrets of Hermits on The Yellow Planet
1: Can talk with pool monsters
2: Can control Pool monsters
3: Can control Zombies
4: Can control robots
5: Can repair robots
6:  Ninja of 4-9th level
7: A Doctor
8: A Mad-Doctor
9: Can Walk on Water
10: Can breathe Water
11: Can cast spells as a Magic-user of level 3-8
12: Can cast spells as a Cleric of level 3-8
13: Can identify and brew potions
14: Can decipher and copy scrolls
15: Owns a Doorway to a Floating city on the Blue Planet
16: Has/Knows how to find 1 to 4 Yellow Planet Treasures
17: Has a Teleport Booth to The Red Planet
18: An inventor
19: A Cannibal
20: A shape-changing monster

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