Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Yellow Planet

Introducing The Yellow Planet: A creation  of my preschool aged son, full of ninjas, robots, and zombies.

The Yellow Planet, is a world with no moon yet in the night sky shining down on the often present yellow sands are the neighboring Red planet and Blue planet. 

 The people of The Yellow Planet dwell in houses near grand rectangular pools of precious clean water, The red water of the wilds must be cleansed before it can be safely imbibed. The yellow sands give sway to great swaths of yellow flowers making it tricky to tell one is moving into fertile territory from a distance.

Zombies roam the wastes and are also controlled by many home owners set to tasks such as simple home maintenance, tending the garden fields near the homes, or standing vigil against raiders and thieves. The floating cities of the Blue Planet are full of hostile cannibalistic zombies zas can be viewed by a quality telescope. 

There are old places and the occasional home on the Yellow Planet that are guarded by Robots of ancient design, few men know the secrets of their repair and construction. Some of the Yellow planet Robots can be controlled by men but some are mad having suffered damage in ages past and some have been reprogrammed by the raiding robots from The Red Planet.

The Yellow Planet is ruled by the King and Queen of the Yellow Planet who are the most powerful ninjas of The Yellow Planet. The ninjas do not all agree with each other and the constant battles and chaos between the ninja clans makes defending the populace at large tricky for the ninja of The Yellow Planet.

So there you go gentle reader an outline and overview of The Yellow Planet as dreamed up by my son (just turned 4 not so long ago). More posts to come.


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  2. I'm loving this series of posts (4 so far), what a cool imagination your son has. This is Carcosa with a G-rating. :-)