Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pool Monsters of The Yellow Planet

The pools of The Yellow Planet are not always the safest of places.
Pool Monsters of The Yellow Planet
1-3: Crocigators- 3HD, AC: 15,#:1-12, Mv:9
4: Octopus- 7HD, AC: 14, #1-2, Mv:9, special 1-8 attacks per round.
5-6: Snap Jaws- 5HD, AC: 16, #1-4, Mv:9
7-8: Giant Frogs- 4HD, AC: 13, # 1-6, Mv:12, special: can swallow man-sized pr smaller prey 50%.
9: Swimming Zombies- 1+1HD, AC:11, # 1-12, Mv; 6
10: Creepy Coral Colony- 1 to 20 HD, AC: 16, #-1Mv:0, creeping tentacles reach out 20' per round up tot 100' away and draw back to multiple chomping maws.
11-13: Serpent,  9HD, AC:16,MV:12, swallow man-sized prey whole 75% of attacks.
14: Fire  Spitting Hydra  5-12 HD, AC:16, Mv:9, each head can spit 50' long 30' wide cone of fire that causes 5d6 damage. One head per HD.
15: Lighting Spitting Hydra 5-8 HD, AC: 15, MV:12, each head can shoot a lighting bolt up to 90' away that causes 6d6 damage, one head per HD.
16-17: Octorilla, 5HD, AC:14, #1-6, Mv:12, 2 attacks a round if both hit auto-hit on following rounds,
18-19: Giant Turtle, 10HD, AC:19 Mv:6
20: Talking Beavers, 2HD, AC 13,#-1-20, MV:9, intelligent talking beavers.

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