Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pools and Houses of The Yellow Planet

The residents of The Yellow Planet live in houses along or within great  rectangular pools.

Pool Water
1-2: An empty dry pool, anyone living nearby will be desperate and thirsty.
3: Poisonous, the water is toxic. Locals might know this and have filtration systems so they can safely drink the water.
4-7: Red Water,  The pool is polluted with the dirty red water of the wastelands.
8: Mud, the pool is full of mud.
9: Swampy, the pool is overgrown with nasty unpleasant vegetation.
10-19: Potable Water.
20: Brackish, the pool is filled with slat water you can’t drink.
Houses on Pool
1-2: One Hall
3-5: Hall and Tower
6-7: 2 Halls and a Tower
8-16: 3 Halls and 2 towers
17-19: 4 Halls and 5 Towers
20: 5 Halls and 4 Towers.
Each hall has 1-4 floors (each with 2-5 rooms). Towers stand 1-2 floors taller.

What Surrounds a House (and Pool) on The Yellow Planet
1: Yellow Sand
2: Wild Yellow flowers
3-6: Farm Fields
7-9: Fruit Trees
10-14: Gardens
15-17: Brambles and Thorns
18-19: Thorn Hedge (75% one additional roll on this table)
20: Overgrown woods.
Pool Contents on The Yellow Planet
1-2: nothing special
3-8: A House in the middle of the pool.
9-10: fish
11-13: Pool Monster
14-17: House in Pool, Fish.
18-19: House in Pool, Pool Monster
20 House in Pool, Pool Monster, Fish

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