Friday, June 6, 2014

Millions of People Don't Know You Are Here!

Millions of people don't know you are here and playing D&D, related games, and unrelated RPGS.
Many of them do not know about the options. Speak up.

One of my facebook friends mentioned there was a new version of D&D coming out and he was intrigued and looking forward to giving it a shot. Several people communed they would like to give it a shot or give it a shot again. The facebook friend didn't know about the OSR, the SRD, the OGL all of that is something he and most of the fellow posters on Facebook talking about D&D (even some of those who currently play RPGS) just don't know about.

There are a lot of D&D and RPG players and would-be players out there, they have no clue you exist and don't know how to reach you even if they thought they could or would. We're the ones screwing up.

Do you want the hobby to grow, to be dynamic to have new voices, and to be enjoyed by more?
Get out there and tell people about it. Let them know you are here.


  1. I completely agree. I got back into gaming earlier this year after a long time away and put a note up on Facebook asking if anyone fancied playing. I was expecting to be able to convince a couple of mates to have a go but I got about 15 responses from people asking when we could play. A few of these people had been playing for years but the vast majority were people who hadn't played in years or had never played at all. I'm now running two multi-game nights a month in a pub function room every two weeks with ages from 15 to 52.

    I used to play multiple systems and own a huge number but I still went looking for AD&D. I nearly ended up buying D&D e4 simply because it was a safe bet. The only reason I didn't was that the reviews on Amazon were really varied so I did some research and ended up buying Pathfinder, which I'm loving.

  2. There are people in the online RPG community who are unaware of the OSR believe it or not. I used to frequent agiant in the Playground, and there I was able to share the good news of OSR with about two people per week.

  3. In this day and age therek' a flood of options and information out there butyet oddly enough ease of access makes it possible to remain very insular. Looking in the same places, talking with the same people doesn't cause much to change.

  4. I think that a lot of old-school gamers take on the grognard mantle for fear that the youth of today just won't "get it" when it comes to what it was like to game in the early days of the hobby. Sure, just from pure logistics, someone who wasn't born yet during the 70's, 80's, or heck even the 90's will never truly understand, from a direct experience perspective! Sure, that's just logic. BUT, does that mean we just throw up our hands and give up before we even try? The US has such a problem with teaching people to believe we can "calculate" the chances of success before we even try to do something. Break out of that mindset! Get out there and tell younger people about your version of the hobby. Is it likely that they won't get it? Sure. But some of them might! Stop making excuses and get out there!