Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Optional Tables for Bunker!

Here's a few alternate rules for your Bunker! games.

A new monster attack Table, I was never a fan of the original attack matrix vs explorer's in Bunker!, here's my variant.

Creature Attacks vs Explorers
5 or less
Attack Misses, Explorer is unharmed.
6 or 7
Stunned, Explorer drops one random loot card.
8 or 9
Slammed, Explorer drops one random loot card and is knocked back one space.
10 or 11
Wounded, Drop one half of Loot cards, and move to last chamber visited (or enty chamber)
12 or more
Defeated, Drop all Loot Cards, move back to entry chamber . May choose to play a different explorer if one is available.

Ambushing in Bunker!
(How this option didn't get into the official rules is beyond me.)
If an Explorer starts their turn in the same chamber (excluding the entry chamber) as another Explorer or in a corridor adjacent to another Explorer they may choose to ambush the other explorer.
A character with a Prerecognition Card may use it to deny an ambush attempt.
If an ambush attempt is denied the would be ambusher loses their turn.

Ambush Table 

3 or less,
Oops! Drop one random loot card in the space you occupy. Move back one space afterward.
Opponent Hurt. They drop one loot card in their space and you may move them one space in any direction (if desired). (Can’t move them into unexplored rooms).
11 or more
Opponent Walloped They drop ½ their Loot and Lose next turn and you may move then one 1d6 spaces in any direction (if desired). (Can’t move them into unexplored rooms).


  1. Ha! I did a double-take for a second there.

    "Say what? They MADE that game!?!"

    1. Yeah someone made it when you weren't looking. ;-)
      I stumbled on your original post during a search for post apocalyptic online games after spending about 20 hours this weekend on A Dark Room and wondering what else was out there.