Friday, June 13, 2014

What's in the Hole?

What's in the hole?

Your spaceship has just encountered a hole (a wormhole really). What's inside or on the other side?

Sci-Fi Wormhole Table. (Roll 1d10,000)

1. A mirror universe replica of your spaceship heading in your direction.
2-100. The stomach of a hyper-space leviathan, uh-oh.
101-150. The wormhole appears normal but both ends will snap shut should the mass inside it excede half again the mass of the average free trader at any one time.
151-160. This seemingly stable wormhole opens up just 2 meters from the surface of a superearth.
161-162. This wormhole supports a stable universe a couple light years across, pitty hyper drives don't work once inside it.
163. The mouth of this wormhole pours out exotic matter, anyone entering the hole will find the exotic matter increases in density to the point the ether is rather dangerous.
164-165. This wormhole is an artifact from a civilization now dead for a billion years. The other side orbits a world ravaged by the ejecta of a red giant star.
166. this wormhole is far too small for the average spaceship, a small shuttle may be able to enter it...but rather unfortunaelty it leads through time/space to the Plank Epoch.
167. This wormhole itself exists under a set of laws identical to that of the Hadron epoch.
168. Matter slows down towards the center of this wormhole.
169. One side of this wormhole opens at roughly the same coordinates in space/time no matter when the other side is entered.
170. This wormhole is a temporal loop with the other side displaced about 10 earth years into the future.
171-300. This wormhole is long, it's not a shortcut.
301. A derelict spacecraft floats inside this wormhole.
302. Debris from a massive space battle fought long ago floats inside this wormhole.
303-400. This wormhole open just a few kilometers from the edge of a rather large blackhole.
401. an entire world sits inside one edge of this wormhole held safely from falling into a nearby blackhole.
402. this wormhole is part of a managed and maintained hyper conduit of a hyper civilization, they will not be happy to see you in it.
403-500. the other end of this wormhole opens during The Big Rip.
501-600. The other end of this wormhole opens during The Big Freeze.
601-700. The other end of this wormhole opens during  The Heat Death of The Universe.
701-4000. the other end of this wormhole opens up into a safe and known location in the same sector of space.
4001-5000. The other end of this wormhole opens up into a safe and known location in the same sector about 12 hours ago.
5001-7000. the other end of this wormhole opens up near the crowded center of the galaxy.
7001-9000. The other end of this wormhole open up deep in intergalactic space.
9001-9999 the other end of this wormhole opens up in a galaxy far far away.
10000. The other end of this wormhole opens up in an alien universe, luckily the laws of physics change gradually so there;s a small chance of noticing before getting stuck.


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    1. Ain't that the hole truth. I'm sure there's a botttom, but some might find that to be a bore.

  2. Cool table! In testing it, my intrepid crew of space explorers investigated this wormwhole and discovered the HEAT DEATH of the universe :o Some trip!

    1. Random holes in space/time are pesky affairs.