Sunday, March 14, 2010

Discussion with the players

Last session of my weekly rpg I spent about an hour talking with the players about what they might want to see in the next D&D (or clone) campaign. The following are the replies I got:
  • Heroic Fights against hordes of lowly monsters (with fighters getting one attack per level).
  • Hate level draining.
  • let's start at 1st level again
  • let's start at 3rd level
  • start off with more money
  • fight a massive war/military campaign *
  • more magic
  • Rangers
  • Cheesie Barbarians
  • Dusk Blades (<- fighter/MU's ???)
  • Assassins
  • 2 or more characters per player
  • Developed Base Town the players can care about *
  • More puzzles *
  • More politics *
  • Having a PC with an actual job
  • Legendary unique items
  • More detailed swordplay, at least for duels
  • Active factions/guilds
  • More verisimilitude
  • More campaign knowledge (player wanted to learn abotu campaign and have the knowledge matter)
  • Primitive Firearms
  • Forestry
  • StarGate style world hopping
  • No Arabs (???)
  • No modern weaponry but fashioned firearms okay.
  • No Daleks (pretty funny considering next item in list)
  • Time Travel
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Traveling Salesmen/Peddlers *
  • Archer class
  • City Setting
  • Pray for divine intervention
  • More involvement with Gods*
  • No paying for Exp *
  • Cantrips
  • More social interaction *
  • More options in spell casting
  • More active gods and spirits *
  • Weapon speed *
  • Weapon Proficiencies *
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Thief backstab having a wider range of possibilities
  • More non-violent encounters *
  • class based exp
  • after death negotiation/springing friends from the dead *
* - Got lot's of mutual agreement from the players

Hmmmm a few of those could be a little difficult to work in together. What I found interesting was no one mentioned races or genre and the players was actually enthusiastic when I encouraged discussion and not just a couple comments.


  1. Yikes! is that all possible :)

    The players have to politic with the Dusk Blade and Barbarian factions to get the solution to the time travel puzzle that will let them turn the huge military battle with the . . . kobolds, that they wade through like threshing machines. That would be a ride!

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  3. No Sam the Sham and the Pharos, No Abdul Alhazared, no Hummus...what kind of drab, grey world do your players want? ;)