Thursday, March 4, 2010

GM's Day

Happy GM's day.

By a strange quirk of Fate GM's day turned out to be the same day Gary Gygax passed away.
Many of us aren't aware of the origins of GM's day. It's a little fuzzy to me but let me take you back to 2002:

So out of a little goofiness and the death of a cultural icon our hobby has an actual holiday or remembrance for the guy or gal who does the only thing approaching work so the rest of us can have fun (and so they can too of course) and for one of the creators of the hobby who's co-invention and support of D&D has actually shaped peoples lives.

I met my first wife (an RPG player) through a friend of a friend at a party held by some NERO players. My second wife who I actually met online through online dating was a friend of a friend of my first wife who also plays RPGs (she GMs a monthly WoD game I actually want to play). I've maintained friendships for decades because we play D&D, my father is also a regular player in my D&D games as is my son.

Thank you Mr. Gygax for letting my life be the way it is thanks to your work and thank you to everyone else sitting behind a screen or at the end of the table rolling a few dice for contributing to all of our lives as you have.

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