Sunday, March 7, 2010

D10,000 Attack Matrix

Here now for your enjoyment and superior game play is the1D10,000 Attack Matrix.

Using the Table:
The Big Number is the base number required to hit
sub-number on left is number to hit if defender has parrying arm or buckler
sub-number in centert is number to hit if defender has normal shield
sub-number in right is number to hit if defender has large shield

Magic weapon pluses to hit- Roll 1d1000 per old style "+" to hit to generate the D10,000 plus to hit, or simply assign a value of +500 per +1.

Some of you may note there is no normal man entry on the D10,000 attack matrix , the reason for this is simple: "normal"-men have no need to roll D10,000 in combat.


  1. I can't wait for this game to be released:)

  2. "normal"-men have reason to be rolling on a D10,000 chart.


  3. More uses for the D10,000 - how can other dice compare to the awesomeness?