Friday, March 26, 2010

In the Black Ziggurat

More play in my Mutant Future campaign (2 sessions worth)

The Flatulent Desperadoes fled from the Black Ziggurat after scouting out it perimeter a bit longer and managed to return to Fresh Pond with map to the Ziggurat and limited details. With the information in hand the town started planning defenses but was in no hurry to launch raid and they wished the PCs fortune for wishing to do so.

The Flatulent Desperadoes returned to the perimeter of the ruins surrounding the Black Ziggurat and discovered the hostility field that usually surrounded the Pig Men didn't seem to be present and this seemingly was allowing them to gather in larger numbers and associate with a local population of mole-men and an ever growing number of mutant pilgrims traveling to the Black Ziggurat.

After a scouting run where Craniax while still invisible was almost caught by burrowing molemen the party discovered the Ziggurat was dominated by a being known as The Quintus a prophet held on a veiled palanquin borne by a number of slaves.

Under cover of darkness the Flatulent Desperadoes were able to gain access to the Black Ziggurat. They ran afoul of guards and were stuck inside the first entry of the Zigguart but were able to hide themselves thanks Craniax bending light waves to hide them. Afterward they discovered a workshop in the temple high atop the Ziggurat and an elevator descending into the depths.

Exploring the workshop and discovering someone was working on some sort of flying machine they ended up trapped by The Quintus and some of his Acolytes. They discovered the Quintus was a co-joined quintuplet Mastermind unable to move himself swiftly with considerable mental abilities. The party was captured by The Quintus and given a chance to prove themselves by fetching the Gamma Plasma Stone hidden deep in the tunnels beneath the Black Ziggurat. The party chose the chance of success verse the chance of a certain death.

The tunnels beneath the Black Zigguart proved to be a vast multi-layer complex filled with bizzare technological death traps a number of mutant guardians and others tasked with the same pursuit as the PCs. In unfamiliar territory the PCs managed to deal with many of the occupants with negotiation and intimidation instead of simple force of arms. An automated auto-rifle gave the trouble a great deal of trouble and inflicted much damage on the party before they destroyed the device and were able to pass through the chamber without being harmed.

The poor mastermind that had recently joined the group found himself bisected in the vertical plane by a Hyper-Field Warp Scythe while stepping off a spiral staircase. the party increased it's caution an vigilance even more following this death.

After passing a guard chamber of owl men deep in their cups the party discovered a small number of the owl men sacrificing an immature spidergoat to an idol that party quickly realized was a deactivated android. The party slew the owl men present and set about reactivating the Android before the drunken owl men could respond. The android was able to frighten off the owl men guardians and spare the party a fight in their weakened condition.

Delving deeper into the tunnels the party found their quarry (by fabulous luck of choices) and discovered it emanated a dangerous amount of radiation. The party cunningly sent the pair of androids in their group (thanks to the new found ally) to capture the Gamma Plasma Stone inside a sack full of lead pieces where the lead might just protect them well enough to carry the device to The Quintus and hopefully gain their safety.

Ref notes- I've gotten a number of sessions out of just a little fun work. The Black Ziggurat and the ruins about it are a couple paragraphs of text I whipped up , the Quintus actually takes up more note space then the Zigguart and ruins do. The tunnels beneath the Black Ziggurat are an edited random dungeon from here:

I did do a quick and easy PC replacement with the android replacing the idol in the chamber where owl men were otherwise sacrificing a spider goat. Sure it was quick and easy but fun should be that way sometimes.