Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Flatulent Desperdoes and the Black Ziggurat

Session 6:
The battle at The Last Bridge went poorly for the Flatulent Desperadoes and they fled surrendering the field of battle to the Medusoids and minions. The party of marauders hid in the shadows of The Golden Dome and where they were attacked by a pair of violent cyborgs. The Flatulent Desperadoes were horribly wounded by the cyborgs and since they were still licking their wounds from the battle at the bridge they decided to flee back to the shelter available at the community of Fresh Pond. Alas poor Karhoo died on the return trip falling prey to mutant predators.

Session 7:
The Flatulent Desperadoes (or the remnants there-of) spent a fortnight healing up, resting and investing in new equipment. During that time Pigmen raided the outlying farms on three occasions. The new android party member gifted by the power of flight aided the militia in scouting and a losing battle against a large number of pigmen.
The town elders offered bounties for pigmen heads and the possible camp of this large force of pig men couldn't help but entice Bobo and his new found fellow adventurers (including a Pure Strain Human they just met at their favorite drinking spot ) to head off in search of the Pigmen.
The Pigmen trail lead into The Cinders and on the thrid day of the hunt the party realized their supply of water was far too low and made to return to Fresh pond when they encountered a Nomad Caravan heading for Fresh Pond. They discovered from the nomads that there were rumors of Pigmen gathering at the site of a Black Zigguart out in the cinders. After resupplying and appropriately equipping themselves for the desert that is The Cinders the party headed back into the wastes and met little adversity in findign their way to moderately intact ruins surrounding a several stories tall Black Ziggurat defended by unknown guards who were allowing processions of pilgrims to approach the Ziggurat (all seen thanks to fancy optics, no one got close enough for a proper investigation just yet).

Notes: hmmm, might have to stop calling the party the Flatulent Desperadoes, they lost the mutant with the gs attack and there are only 2 of the Desperadoes still alive, Craniax didn't accompany the party on the pigman hunt either.
Must get this fragment of the true Black Ziggurat ready for next session.

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